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Magento and Web Application

E-commerce is reigning in the world of business, with brick-and-mortar businesses being closed in favour of brick-and-click ones. This makes it imperative for businesses to get online and develop a robust digital ecosystem that’s geared towards success and industry leadership.

Creating dynamic websites and applications that can respond to the needs of customers and competitors alike is a challenge. But, with a flexible, agile, customer-centric, and innovative IT services provider, like Sol One, half the battle is won.At Sol One, we use the latest Magento technology which can help transform all of your challenges into opportunities.We are veterans in the IT industry and we can help you create a highly-customized and extremely secure e-commerce portal.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source platform that helps e-commerce businesses create and host websites and web applications online by utilizing sophisticated PHP applications. It is a digital script that uses databases like Zend PHP and MySQL to provide users a platform to create and manage a comprehensive e-commerce website.

With the Magento, users can now design, develop, monitor, and control high-functioning websites with ease. Compared to content management systems like Drupal, Magento is a highly-robust and flexible platform. It is perfect for novice developers and experts alike.

Why should you use Magento?

Back by several years of experience in the IT services industry,team at Sol One can tell you how difficult it is to apply technology to product categories and projects. Consistency and ease of implementation are often key problems. Sophisticated technology, when not wielded by experts, can have an adverse impact on the business.

This is what we help you avoid at Sol One. Using holistic technological practices, we help you set up a sound, secure, and resilient digital ecosystem that can withstand competition and customer requests with ease.

At Sol One, we have worked with multiple companies providing bespoke and customized IT infrastructure and software services. As your strategic business partners, we can help you achieve a distinct place within your industry, set benchmarks for competitors to follow, and create a thought and experience leadership within your community.

We implement state-of-the-art Magento technology.

Right from improving the aesthetics of your website to making your backend more dynamic and responsive, applications like Magento can help you tremendously in your website management.

Build superior-quality web applications with Magento

Experienced problems designing applications for your web store? With Magento, you can wave goodbye to these issues. The Magento platform uses the most advanced and highly secure PHP applications to offer users a wide array of features, plugins and extensions.

Magento has a specialized interface that allows users to design high-quality websites, keeping in mind their SEO and online marketing requirements. Through its superior PHP applications, Magento helps users modify existing websites to suit the changing customer and business requirements. Completely customizable and fully-scalable, it is the perfect open-source CMS for small and medium businesses.

Advantages of Magento web applications:

  • Personalise websites and applications with ease
  • Hassle-free data and inventory management
  • Complete flexibility in operations
  • Availability of multiple versions including Enterprise edition, SaaS systems and more
  • Over 50 payment gateways
  • Sales promotion campaigns are easily implementable
  • Extremely budget-friendly e-commerce solution
  • Seamless customer-company interactions and experience
  • Customizable to desktops, laptops, and hand-held devices

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